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Online Voice Lessons.  Karen is a Vocal coach that will help you sing to the best of your potential.
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Vocal Studio

Become an in-demand singer with on-demand coaching from one of L.A.'s top studio professionals.


sheet music to help a singer learn how to sing better

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning to find your voice, you can benefit from the study of voice.

In lessons at KWS Vocal Studio we will work on strengthening your instrument at the same time freeing your voice from any tension or stress.

This is accomplished through

  • vocal exercises

  • gaining knowledge and understanding of vocal mechanics  

  • learning how your body and head position effects your voice

  • working on rep that fits you as an artist while reinforcing the good habits we are trying to create.

Putting it all into practice is very important to your growth as a singer.  If you aren't already performing on a regular basis, you'll be encouraged to find places and ways to share your gift. 

Voice Lessos to help you sing stronger
Take Voice Lessons from Professional Session Singer, Karen Whipple Schnurr
Voice lessons for pro singers as well as novice singers.  Take from pro session singer Karen Schnurr to improve your singing!
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